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Contact Lenses

Bloomberg Eyecare

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At Bloomberg Eyecare, our eye doctors offer a wide range of contact lens types, including soft lenses and rigid gas-permeable lenses, daily disposable lenses, weekly and monthly disposable lenses, extended wear lenses, color-tinted lenses, and special lenses for astigmatism correction, bifocal lenses for presbyopia correction and single-use lenses for athletic participation. Comprehensive contact lens exams ensure you’re wearing the right lenses. All contact lens exams include a free follow-up exam after the trial lenses have been fit to insure perfect fit and optimal vision correction. To learn more about available options for contact lenses, call the Bloomberg Eyecare office nearest you, or request an appointment online today. IF YOU HAVE A CURRENT CONTACT LENS PRESCRIPTION AND NEED ADDITIONAL SUPPLIES OF LENSES, YOU CAN ORDER THEM HERE FROM BLOOMBERG EYECARE.

Contact Lenses Q&A

Why should I consider contact lenses?

Contact lenses fit over and move along with your eye to improve your vision in all directions.  The Bloomberg Eyecare doctors can fit you in a variety of contact lens types specific to your eye health needs and prescription. 

A proper contact lens prescription requires exact fitting measurements and follow-ups to ensure eye health as the lens actually touches your cornea and eye tissue.

You might consider contact lenses if you require prescription glasses for vision correction but find them inconvenient, non-stylish, uncomfortable, or if you play sports or participate in other activities or working conditions where glasses are in the way.

If you have astigmatism or require bifocal lens correction, you may still be a candidate for contact lenses.  Ask your Bloomberg Eyecare doctor for advice.

What type of contact lens is right for me?

At Bloomberg Eyecare, your doctor has access to virtually all types and brands of contact lenses and can recommend and help you choose what’s best for you.

Soft Lenses

Soft lenses are flexible, plastic lenses that correct for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia (multi-focal correction).  They are available in a variety of types and brands including daily disposable, daily-wear, extended wear and planned replacement disposable contacts.  You can also choose soft, tinted contact lenses to enhance or to change your eye color or to reduce glare.  A contact lens technician will also assist you and train you in insertion, removal and cleaning of your lenses.

Your six-month or years supplies of contact lenses purchased through Bloomberg Eyecare are always shipped to you free of charge and any unused, packaged and current lenses can be returned for full credit if new prescriptions or different types of lenses are purchased later.

Rigid gas-permeable Lenses (RGP)

Our doctors offer RGP contact lenses, which are a flexible plastic and allow oxygen to pass through to keep your eyes healthy and comfortable.  RGP lenses can correct a variety of vision problems, including astigmatism, and may be a better alternative to soft lenses if you have a high prescription.

Your doctor can determine which contact lens type best fits your needs after a comprehensive eye exam, contact lens fitting and follow-up exam.  Together you will determine which type of lens is best for your condition, sight and use.  A contact lens technician will also assist you and train you in insertion, removal and cleaning of your lenses.

How do I care for my contact lenses?

Bloomberg Eyecare doctors and contact lens technicians provide complete guidance for caring for your contact lenses.  The optometrists can recommend the right products to safely clean and store your contact lenses for continued use.

To reduce your risk for eye infections or injuries, you should always wash your hands with soap and water before handling your contacts or touching your eyes.

Unless you have a special type of contact lenses, don’t sleep in your lenses.  You should also be careful when showering or swimming with your contacts to prevent irritation or loss of your lenses.

Be sure to wear sunglasses when wearing contact lenses outdoors in sunlight or snow conditions to reduce your risk for eye damage from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of contact lenses or you want to try them for yourself, all the Bloomberg Eyecare location nearest you or request an appointment online today.

All Bloomberg Eyecare eye doctors offer telemedicine eye consultations utilizing cellular phones, Facetime, or other connectivity technologies.